Financial Planning

A financial plan defines your goals and objectives; your hopes and dreams that take finances to achieve, and creates a plan to achieve them.  It may involve saving for both short and long term, investing and having adequate insurances to protect you and your family.  Financial planning should also help you have the necessary legal documents in place to prepare your family in case of emergencies.
  • Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts – Founded in 2000, the FPA™ MA has sought to foster the value of financial planning and advance the financial planning profession in Massachusetts. Find financial planning resources as well as a local financial planner to meet your needs via their “Find a Planner” portal.


  • Foundation for Financial Planning - A non-profit charitable organization with the mission of helping people take control of their financial lives. “Navigating Your Financial Roadmap” A 26-page workbook designed to help individuals take control of their financial life. Includes worksheets and resource links.


  • National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) - A private nonprofit national foundation dedicated to inspiring empowered financial decision making. 10 Basic Steps to Help You Get Started and Get Smart About Money (SAM) Tools, tips and resources to help you get started managing your financial life.


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