Helping Your Parents

Embrace Your Future

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs hosts a comprehensive website with resources and referrals. Long term care planning is covered here.

Caregiver Guide

Another resource from Elder Affairs that covers legal and financial information for family caregivers.

Choosing A Financial Advisor: A Consumer Guide to Financial Self Defense

Many people call themselves "Financial Advisors". Do you know their credentials and responsibilities? Here is a guide from Suze Orman on what to look for.

PBS NewsHour Caring for Parents Tips

Caring for an elderly parent can be a stressful process. NewsHour has put together some tips on their page to inform people of what they can do to afford the process.

Practical Money Skills

More tips on caring for elders. Look at their page for some guidance.

Managing Someone Else's Money

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau provides financial caregivers four easy to use guides to help manage someone else's money.

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