Finding a good financial institution

Are you tired of the constant fees that your current bank charges you?  Or maybe you do not have a bank account right now due to past mistakes.  If you are now interested in developing a relationship with a mainstream financial institution, you do have options.  See below for tools and resources to help your find a bank or credit union that is right for you:

Basic Banking


Basic Banking for Massachusetts was launched in 1994 to expand access to bank products and services and to encourage those with limited banking needs to establish banking relationships.  The Massachusetts Community & Banking Council’s (MCBC) Banking Services Committee, comprised of community advocates and representatives from financial institutions, developed the voluntary program to ensure that the banking needs of all Massachusetts residents are met through competitive, profitable and sustainable products.

Find A Better Bank


Find A Better Bank attracts people who are using search tools (e.g., Google) to shop for a new bank or credit union. They sell data-driven insights to banks and credit unions about what consumers want and which accounts they're interested in.

Resource and Tool

This site is a collaboration between the Office of Consumer Protection and the National Credit Union Administration’s office. is dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers, resolving member complaints, and promoting financial literacy.

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