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According to the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin, there are two things in life that are unavoidable – death and taxes.  For many of us, the days leading to April 15 can be a confusing and stressful time.  Some may choose pay a tax preparer to complete our forms for us, frequently paying fees close to $200. But that $200 has better uses in our households. Below are tools and resources to assist you with completing your tax returns:

Individual Taxes

WebFile for Income


You can use WebFile for Income to file your Massachusetts resident personal income tax return.

Mass Cash Back

Massachusetts and Tool

Find a free tax preparation assistance site in Massachusetts.

Internal Revenue Service


The IRS provides many resources to help individuals with various tax return issues from refunds, to forms, to online filing, and more.



If you’re like millions of Americans, you work hard but you don’t earn a high income and want to keep more of what you earn. The Earned Income Tax-Credit also called EITC or, more simply, EIC-is a credit for people who earn low-to-moderate incomes. EITC can reduce your taxes, and can mean a refund. In simple terms, working families and individuals keep more of what they earn.

Small Business Taxes

Massachusetts Department of Revenue


The Massachusetts Department of Revenue hosts a comprehensive website with information, training resources, and on-line filing options for your business.

Internal Revenue Service for Small Business


The IRS has many resources about operations, taxes, and other business-related issues for small business owners.

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